Our Boys

The boys of Chestnut Hill include Chestnut Hill Krakken, Dig It Relentless, Chestnut Hill Hennessey, British Grit Wilbur and Rebel Acres Mickey.

Our Girls

The girls of Chestnut Hill include Chestnut Hill Cher Khan, Chestnut Hill Luna, Chestnut Hill Rimmel, Chestnut Hill Vayda, Hedgerow Shimmy and Noble Knights Estelle.

Chestnut Hills JRTs

Chestnut Hill is a kennel located in central Virginia. Our dogs excel in go to ground, conformation, racing, super earth, and lure coursing.

Chestnut Hill JRTs

Whether clearing the barn of mice, chasing the lure through the field, or darting down a go-to-ground tunnel, our dogs are cherished family members and at the end of the day, are the best snugglers on the planet. Bred for conformation, performance and hunting ability.