Thunder Tunnel

Thunder Tunnel is a non-sanctioned, challenging tunnel experience for Jack Russell Terriers. This is a timed event with the terrier working their way through an above ground tunnel. The tunnel has a clear front allowing you to see how your dog maneuvers the tunnel. The tunnel consists of a series of obstacles – an incline, a decline, roller, ball pit and a stinky rat at the end.

Thunder Tunnel Rules

  • 1-minute to complete the course
  • 2 runs – best of the 2 times is counted
  • 5 second handicap for rats
  • 2 voice commands for the first 30 seconds and after the first 30 seconds, handler may coach as much as needed.
  • Handler must stay behind the starting line for the first 30 seconds. After the initial 30 seconds, handler may approach the tunnel and coach the dog to completion.
Thunder Tunnel

Chestnut Hill Thunder Tunnel

YouTube video by Jennifer Hare